Sunday, June 28, 2009

Passing on Character

In life, we experience things that we are told will give us character or make us stronger. Some of the experiences are chosen, others are inadvertent, and others are completely out of our control.

Sometimes we feel alone with these experiences, as though nobody else in the world could possibly understand. This makes sense in a lot of ways, but mostly because it is our experiences that determine our reality. Even if a group of people all experience the same event, it is their own perspective of that event that is their reality. This is why we can ask a group of people who all witnessed the same car accident to describe in their own words what happened and no two descriptions will be the same word for word.

The great thing in life is that there really are people out there who have experienced something similar to us. There are people who can come together to support each other with stories of their own life experiences and be a benefit of support to another human.

I hope to be that benefit for others who read this blog.

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