Friday, November 13, 2009


The oncologist's scheduling office called yesterday to set up an appointment for me to come and see Dr. Akerley at the Huntsman Cancer Institute on Tuesday November 24th. I'm not concerned that the appointment is so far out (considering how long I have been going through all of this as it is). I was concerned that I would not get into surgery when I wanted to, however.

This morning, to put myself at ease, I called the surgeon's office to find out if Dr. Bull would be available to do a surgery on Friday December 11th. His assistant knew who I was when I called. I told her I was going to need surgery again and that I was going to see Dr. Akerley on the 24th. She set up an appointment for me to see Dr. Bull on the 30th and put me on the surgery book for the 11th.

There are some things I know right now: Dr. Akerley will refer me to Dr. Bull for some kind of surgery. I know Dr. Bull and trust him; we have a history. I know now that I will be having a surgery on Friday December 11th at the University of Utah Hospital by Dr. Bull to remove a tumor from my right main stem bronchus.

What I don't know: How Dr. Bull will remove the tumor from my right main stem bronchus.

It has to come out, that is another known. At this point, it can't be worse than my last surgery. I just hope that it is the final surgery.

Knowing what I do - having a plan - is a major comfort and will get me through the next four weeks.

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