Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Culprit

My endocrinologist called me on Tuesday to tell me the results of my tests from last week. I have a 11 X 7 mm carcinoid tumor in my right main stem bronchus. Apparently, it glowed.

The doctor seemed very pleased with the finding. That comforted me a lot. I have been in great spirits for the last few days.

He has referred me to consult with an oncologist at the Huntsman Cancer Hospital - Dr. Akerley. Now, I will wait to hear from him so we can plan for the appropriate way to get rid of the tumor - what type of surgery I'll need. I have an appointment to see him on the 24th of November, but hopefully we will be able to resolve this over the phone. He refers people who need thoracic surgery to Dr. Bull, the same surgeon who did my lobectomy in July. That is comforting, too.

I've talked with my professors about needing to finish the semester a little early so I can have surgery and recover enough before spring term begins. They are all very supportive.

I don't consider this a set back. I just figure it is a forced break during the usually crazy holidays. I'll start and finish my Christmas shopping in the next few weeks, finish the semester, then have surgery. Hopefully I can have surgery on Friday December 11th. It will have been 17 weeks exactly since the other surgery. I pray this will be the last and I will be sick as a dog in the hospital - which would mean the Cushing's is gone and I can move on to a true recovery!!

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