Monday, December 21, 2009

Getting my groove on

I am getting my groove on. I have conquered 2009 with all of its surprises, roller coasters, and frustrations. I have been stuck with a needle more times than I can even begin to count. I have paid more in co-pays than in my whole life combined. I have spent more time away from home than ever before. I have done more research on the Internet. I have seen more doctors. I have had procedures and surgeries I had never even heard of before. I have also met more people in this one year than in any other year before.

What have I learned? I've learned that nothing can stop by - slow me down? Maybe. But I have done it so far - I'm still going. I don't know what it is that makes me like this - strong. I feel very strong. I feel like nothing can get me - that I am somehow invincible to many things.

I have done well in school during all of this and still am on schedule to graduate this May. I am ready to start my last semester. I am ready to go back to work. I am ready to take on radiation therapy.

Of that list I have below, I have been able to accomplish a few of those things already.

Just getting my groove on.

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