Tuesday, December 22, 2009

No pro sports for me...

My hormones are changing rapidly and are all over the place - like a roller coaster. My endocrinologist prescribed steroids for me and I take them twice a day. I can tell when I am needing the next dose. I'm starting to feel the changes happen - I have lost about 17 pounds within the last 11 days. My energy level goes up and down throughout the day. My chest hurts sometimes - but I am trying to wean myself of the Lortab pain medication. I am sometimes very emotional, and sometimes ultra relaxed. The emotional side is different than it was before the surgery - not so intense, but at the same time, still unpredictable.

I'm going to the endocrinologist tomorrow - I should find out about radiation therapy and the suggestions about how I will address the changes my body is undertaking right now. Cushing's syndrome has so many symptoms, I am trying to follow all of them and see if I can tell which are changing and which are not yet.

The steroids are working well right now I think with keeping me stable hormonally. Of course, this completely makes me ineligible to participate in pro sports. I'll have to stick with just being a fan...

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