Saturday, December 19, 2009

Just breathe

I'm on oxygen. I need it to help me recover. When I'm at home, I have a long tube that connects me to an oxygen machine. The machine is in our living room at the center of the house so I can walk around the house with my tube. (No chance of playing hide-and-seek while wearing this thing...) When I leave the house, I have a big portable tank and short tube. Not terribly convenient, but it works.

Sometimes the long tube at home gets stood on and I don't notice for a while. The oxygen level is really low, so it isn't very noticeable if I'm not getting it for a few minutes. It's more that if I go to walk and someone is standing on it (even myself) I nearly trip and fall over. It's all part of the deal, isn't it? Kind of funny in some ways.

You know, I try to be positive about a lot of this. How else can I be? I could sulk and cry all the time, but how would it help? I think if I didn't have such awesome support from friends and family it would be much harder. Much lonelier. Even people I don't know comment on this blog or join my group on facebook and talk to me there. Also, it helps tremendously that I have a life outside of my illnesses - goals, responsibilities, and dreams.

I have a great job and a great boss. I work where I go to school, so that helps. I have a scholarship to go to school and want to make my tribe proud of me. I will finish my bachelor of science degree this spring in two major areas of study. I want to move to Manhattan with my family so I can work in my field, support my family and be a sugar-momma to my husband. I am raising a beautiful 11 year old daughter. I have other loves in my life - things I really enjoy doing, like cooking and sports. I love to cook. I love creating new recipes. I love eating. I love sports, too! I love to watch football (both NFL and college), basketball (NBA), ML baseball, soccer, gymnastics, swimming, and a lot of olympic sports.

I can't wait to be able to get into playing sports - or at least working out! I know it will happen. I think I need a new post. I have so much to say.

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