Saturday, December 26, 2009

Reading Up

I have tried to learn as much as possible about my illnesses, all of the tests and procedures, and surgeries. I have a great desire to understand what is happening to me, what to expect, and what the possibilities are. My motto "Be Your Own Super Hero - Out To Save Your Own Life" means that we should all seek to understand and be in charge of what happens to us. No. We may not be able to control our ailments themselves, but we can control how we address and respond to them. Choosing health facilities and physicians has a great deal to do with experience, knowledge, ability, and availability.

More than anything, knowing and understanding what to expect can help us prepare for what is coming. That can be comforting in a way, even if it's scary at the same time.

I decided to look up some information on the side effects of steroid therapy for post-surgery induced Cushing's Syndrome. There are 36 side effects I can look forward to - although I know I may not get them all. But when you look at the many symptoms of Cushing's Syndrome and think there is no way one person can get all of them - make way for me, I tend to break most of the rules and expectations. Better be prepared just in case I guess.

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