Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hello, I have lung cancer and Cushing's syndrome. Want to hire me?

Okay. A friend of mine sent me a job posting from a government organization that has the possibility for advancement. It is a position that could use my two fields of study - Political Science and Mass Comm/PR. The pay could be very similar to what I currently make and it seems like a fulfilling position/organization (homeless management information systems). I could see this as something I would definitely be qualified to do, and something that could eventually lead me into positions that I would enjoy and gain a great amount of satisfaction from.

I sent in my resume with a cover letter on Monday. Yesterday, I got a call to come in for an interview on Thursday. Really? I actually didn't expect to hear anything on this at all. Now what do I do?

Here are my problems with all of this:

1- I have lung cancer and Cushing's syndrome for which I will be having surgery in a little more than a week. After this surgery, I will be out on medical leave for a month, then at some point have to begin radiation therapy.

2- I go to school. I work at my school. I get tuition benefits for working at my school. While I do have a scholarship, it only pays for about half of my tuition.

3- I have a crazy work schedule when combined with my class schedule for next semester.

I conveyed the first problem to my friend. She suggested I still go in for the interview for the experience. I agree. I should. Am I nervous? Yes.

I haven't even told my husband yet. In the midst of all of my life's troubles, it is good to know that someone may be interested in me as an employee in a position I would choose. It is just too bad I'm not in a life position to pursue it more rigorously.

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