Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Going Hormonal

Steroids. Who knew they were so important? Today I learned something about the difference between the one I have been taking and the new prescription I was given to start tomorrow.

The steroid Dexamethasone replicates all of the symptoms of Cushing's. It is given to patients post surgery until has been determined they no longer naturally create cortisol. Dexamethasone does not interfere with naturally occurring cortisol, so it is still measurable. Once it has been determined cortisol is no longer being naturally created in your body, a change to a different steroid occurs.

The steroid Hydrocortisone only lasts in the blood stream for one hour. I'm only going to be taking it twice a day. This means my body will only be exposed to a steroid for two hours per day. The other 22 hours per day will be cortisol/steroid free, allowing my body to finally recuperate from Cushing's syndrome. This is when I should start seeing changes - finally!!!

I kept thinking there was something still wrong with me. I mean, I have lung cancer, but apparently, I don't have Cushing's anymore. My doctor said he is very confident that my Cushing's symptoms are related to taking the steroid and that I am not experiencing a naturally occurring Cushing's.

Hopefully I'll start to see changes now! That would really lift my spirits.

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  1. I wonder about that two hours. I use this conversion chart sometimes
    It also shows the half life of different steroids.