Sunday, January 3, 2010

Update on "Getting Back"

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about some "Things I can't wait to get back to doing" and I thought I would give you an update as to which I have been able to start doing again.

Still connected - breathing without a tube in my nose
Cuddling Up! Yay! - sleeping in my bed next to my husband
At least one meal a day - cooking
Not yet - pushing a grocery cart, not sitting in one
Not even close - exercising like I used to
"" - mini-triathlon
"" - riding a bike
School starts in a week, so we'll find out then - walking to class without feeling winded
"" - focusing on school
Not happening anytime soon, if anything, soon I'll be seeing MORE! :} - seeing fewer doctors
I am looking at apartments, just for the heck of it... - looking for jobs in Manhattan
Looks pretty good - working on my CV and cover letters
Just needs uploading! - working on my website
Maybe for Valentine's Day? - having dinner parties
Not really, but I didn't love that before, so I'm in no hurry. - cleaning my house
Nope. - helping at my daughter's school
Not yet. - going out with friends
"" - going on dates with my husband
"" - continuing to create new family traditions
Yep! Twice now! - Monday Night Dinners
Maybe next year. - polar bear club
No shopping yet. - shopping for stylish clothing
I have some ideas. - finding a style (should happen before the previous item)
Nope. - dancing
Nope. - visiting friends (some have had babies in the last year and I haven't seen them at all!)
After graduation? - traveling for vacation
This summer? - fishing
"" - camping (I've never been, but would like to go some time)
"" - hiking
Probably next winter. - snowshoeing!! (I have missed the last two winters and I love to snowshoe - fun and a great workout!)
Soon I think. - shopping with my tween daughter
YES! I love Super Mario Brothers. I've made it the 2nd world and am trying to conquer the darkness. I've actually had to take a break because I started yelling at the t.v. I've tried out Mario Kart too, but I suck pretty bad at it. - playing Wii with my daughter (I'm horrible mostly, but it's time spent with her)
Probably would be good to now show her how I react to playing Wii because I'm pretty sure the words emitting from my mouth are not very lady like... :) - showing my daughter what it means to be a woman
Maybe this summer? - gardening (flowers and plants - I've given up on vegetables/fruits because Craig loves it so much)
Not really. - home maintenance and decorating
Not yet. - bending over to lace up shoes
Getting there. - seeing my feet when standing
Will try when school starts in a week. - sitting in those little desks at school without feeling like I'm being cut in half
Still have braces until at least next month! - eating an apple without slicing it up first, same thing with a carrot
"" - flossing my teeth in 2 or 3 minutes, rather than 20 or 30 (threading between braces takes a long, long time!)
I've done it a few times, but I feel like my neck is still so fat. - wearing necklaces
I still have sutures and those little tabs covering my big incision, so not yet. - swimming
One baby step at a time. - running
Still missing. - finding my abs and butt
We've taken some pictures, but no professional portrait yet. - taking a family picture
Will help when there is not a foot of snow outside the back door. - evening walks after dinner
Not yet, but trying with friends who are very far away and need the support. - caring for friends, family and neighbors who may need me
Will start soon! I know there will be two of them! - planning graduation parties!
I've been IN my car while others drive it, but no driving yet. I miss my car. - driving my car
With the weather the way it's been lately, I don't think this would have happened even if I wasn't ill. - washing my car (inside and out)
Nope. - building more websites for people on the side
Nope. - go to the zoo
Nah. - walk through a museum
My husband. But he also says I'm "cuddly." Cuddly does not equal sexy in my book, but I'll take it for what it's worth! - being told I have a sexy body

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