Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Warped glasses and some really good news.

Below is an email from my endocrinologist. Here is a current picture of me. I'll post a new picture from time to time so we can see the changes occur.

"Even better news! Your urine free Cortisol was zero! It doesn't get better than that. If you remember it had been ranging in the 200-500 range (normal <45).>

I hope this part doesn't confuse you, but I also spoke with the laboratory director about your ACTH levels, and we are looking into trying to determine what we are measuring in the lab (it is ranging from 10-18; but given your Cortisol levels, it is not biologically active and may be an artifact). It may require more blood samples in the future.

You are doing GREAT."

P.S. You should know I absolutely hate pictures of myself right now. In my mind, this is not what I look like. Even when I look in the mirror, this is not what I look like. It is like looking at a distorted view of myself, as through warped glasses.

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