Wednesday, January 20, 2010

This is hard.

I'm gaining weight. My husband wants to go out to dinner almost every night. I think he thinks (good communication going on here) that I might be too tired to cook, so he always wants to go out. The problem is that there aren't always the best options on menus at restaurants. I also have been eating the same way for the last few years without much change in my weight. (The only exception was the few months I ate nothing but Nutrisystem. I did lose some weight then.)

So, with Cushing's syndrome or disease, a patient can eat 500 to 5000 calories in a day and it doesn't effect their size or weight. The feeling of being hungry all the time is part of Cushing's.

What happens now that I am supposedly free from Cushing's? Well, like with all things - I've become accustomed to eating a certain way for the last few years (at least) and now I need to watch what I eat because the consequences are different. My body actually processes food/calories differently now. ALSO, I'm feeling like a lazy coot. I just get enough exercise I think to not qualify me for being comatose. If I didn't go to work and class, I think I'd feel like I was in some kind of coma.

I talked to Craig and told him that we need to eat at home. I told him that I need to cook healthier and I need better options for food. As a person who loves to cook, and eat, this is really hard. I love to be creative in my cooking and thoroughly enjoy serving up fantastic meals to my family. That doesn't mean I can't be creative or serve up great meals, I just have to use healthier components.

Just because it's winter does not mean any of us have to put on a winter coat.

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