Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Okay. I get it. I'm supposed to feel crappy. It would just be nice if the whole feeling crappy thing could somehow coordinate with my plans for the day. For example: why can't I feel crappy when I'm just sitting around watching t.v.? Oh noooo. I have to feel crappy when it's time for me to finally get out of the house and go places. Then I just deal with it because I am so desperate to get out of the house. I need human interaction!

Other than my husband and daughter, I haven't seen another human being in 3D since Tuesday. Lately, my primary interaction with others has been via this blog, facebook, and texting, unless you count Bobby Flay teaching me how to cook bacon in the oven. I was needing a little human interaction.

Even my doctor contacted me via email this week. This is "the good" (the last few paragraphs were "the bad") news I received: my cortisol level last week was 0.7 (this is great news he said) and my glucose was 89. Both of these numbers excellent! He also asked how I was doing on the lower dose of dexamethasone - so I told him. (Here comes "the ugly".)

I told him about the pain in my joints and how my muscles felt like lead and rubber at the same time. I also told him about my worsening tummy problems. Other than those things, I told him, I'm just dealing with the normal post surgery issues: sparklers in the side, numbness, shortness of breath, etc, etc, etc... (I'm pretty sure "..." means etc, etc, etc - so consider the end of that last sentence a super etcetera!)

So, that's "the good", "the bad", and "the ugly". Overall, my spirits are up and I contribute that mostly to my getting out of the house both last night and tonight. Next week I'll be alone for the most part while Craig is at work and Halle is at school all day. I do get to go to the bank and the University Bookstore on Monday (deposit and textbooks). Yay!

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